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Covariance of A & B on BA II Plus

June 12, 2012

Use DATA then STAT worksheets then multiply:

  • r * Sx * Sy = Cov(A,B)
  1. Shailly permalink

    Thanks, Please also advise how to calculate Covaraince using texas BAII when Probabilities are given for each data set

    • That is not really what this blog is for. That sounds like a question I used to know how to solve, but I don’t even have my BAII on me, so it is a little hard to answer. I’m also not sure exactly what you’re asking. If the answer isn’t in one of the Excel files here. I suggest you ask this question somewhere like, I haven’t touched a BAII in months.

    • nitin surana permalink

      I have the same ques, pls help me as well if you find the ans.

      • I suggest asking on but basically yes you enter the data into DATA so hit second function DATA, enter all your x’s and y’s then hit 2nd function STAT and choose whatever it is you want lets go LIN for linear relationship then you scroll down with the down arrows then you need to know a formula and you use r, Sy and Sx to get covariance.

        Generally on a CFA Level 1 question you have 1 minute 20 seconds to answer, this question you have to make more than a half a dozen keystrokes, but I’m not sure they would make you calculate any data points, you just enter the data points into DATA, again if it is a specific question I suggest posting it on a forum unless of course that violates the CFA Charter because it is an official practice question from their website, in which case I’m not suggesting that, but yeah ask on a forum you should get more answers.

  2. Suhail Sheikh permalink

    That is rude. You are such a jerk

    • I’m a jerk because I didn’t know how and didn’t have time to answer every possible CFA Level 1 question, or am I a jerk because I spent 100s of hours of my time making CFA Level 1 study materials then giving them away for free online.

      You sir just earned yourself some fame.

      Good luck on your exam, I’m sure people will be dropping everything to help you prepare and if they don’t obviously they’re jerks too right?

      This blog is just a collection of flash cards, one I spent a long time refining and can take down off the Internet with one single click. I suggested he take that question to a forum where someone who had perhaps used a Texas BAII Plus calculator in the last year or so might better be able to answer them. Perhaps I should have just called them a jerk.

      • You would post a users private information. ie. email (regarding which your website states “Address never made public”) just because they make a childish remark in response to one of your comments? What a farce; consider how an action like this reflects on you and your blog.

        Equivalently you would be well advised to remember that a lot more of your own personal information is available via this website such as your name, Linkedin, work history, etc.

      • First of all, thanks for commenting. You’re the second person this week who decided to drop by, blatantly lie, threaten me, and then bugger off with that smug feeling of satisfaction you get when you hide behind your incredibly clever Internet handle.

        Second of all, no where on this website do I state “Address never made public” however since your email address is I can tell you’re incredibly Internet savvy, good looking, ladies want to be with you, and guys want to be you. But then again because it is July 29th 2015 and CFA Level 1 and Level 2 exam scores just came out, I’m going to assume you in fact failed and that you’re a pathetic bitter individual hiding behind an Internet handle impressing no one but themselves.

        Rather than study hundreds of hours and pass the exam. Let alone spending several hundred additional hours typing out your study notes and giving them away to ungrateful assholes on the Internet, you decided to create a brand new email account and leave a comment on a blog posting instructing people how to use a calculator.

        Apparently calculator usage is not among your skills. None the less you seem to desire some sort of attention and Internet infamy. So I’ll tell you a story about a CFA Candidate and not a particularly successful one. None the less, this person spent hundreds of hours creating and then typing and posting online an organized collection of their personal CFA study notes. Then along came an asshole, a particularly large asshole with a high degree of self entitlement and a low level of cunning comparable to spammers and online pornographers. When confronted by this towering level intellect our lowly CFA Candidate trembled and overcome with fear took down his entire blog and replaced it with a giant blinking banner stating:

        “Blog removed due to high concentration of assholes online.”

        I actually had plans to type up my Level 2 study notes and post them here, but perhaps because of you I never will. You’re the worst type of person on the entire Internet, the type of person that hides behind an Internet handle and makes other people miserable. Now I suggest you take your self righteousness, your self entitlement, and your shiny new stupid email account and fuck off. I’m sure there is another blog posting about how to use a calculator that would apprechiate your patronage.

  3. abhishek permalink

    Thanks for all your inputs.They surely helping me in my preparation

  4. k leigh permalink

    Whats “r”? thanks

    • r is the Sample Correlation Coefficient. It is ‘r’ on the STAT worksheet of a BA II Plus. You need to know it to pass the Quant portion of CFA Level 1 and Level 2 and who knows maybe even the Level 3 exam.

      Good Luck!

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